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Ceramics and innovative materials

Powders formulation, Parts production, Ceramic colouring and Ceramic coating on metal parts

A test centre and machinery are dedicated to this fast-growing field of activity. Indeed, with their exceptional physical, chemical and mechanical properties, these are the materials of the future for a great many sectors such as manufacturing, aeronautics and automotive.

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SECAM nida

The most efficient solution for sandwich panels


  • Blind fixing
  • Better mechanical resistance and faster installation
  • 50% lighter than NAS type potted insert
  • Easier design and production of sandwich panel because no reinforcement is needed




Precimask is the first durable, protective face mask with cleanable and reusable ceramic filters.

It is the result of a joint venture involving PRACARTIS, SAINT-GOBAIN, NANOCERAM and BOUVERAT-PERNAT and is produced entirely in the Rhône-Alpes region of eastern France.



The peace of mind of holding stock on site without needing to manage it!

Stock is a constant headache for any business. Too little and you risk a stockout, resulting in lost revenue and dissatisfied customers. Too much and you have to bear inventory costs and your efficiency takes a hit.

In manufacturing, product demand goes up and down. Holding stock is expensive but running out isn’t an option.

Stock’n Pick is an easy way to avoid the excess inventory and stockout issues that can be fatal for your company.

With our process, you store the stock on your premises but we retain ownership of it. So you only pay for the consigned goods when you actually use them.